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Use Extreme Caution before you consider doing business with Fiverr ! This consumer has had a Negative Experience & that should Never be Disregarded. We encourage our readers to perform further research before making any type of commitment or buying decision.

Fiverr  – Horrible experience

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Horrible experience with a Seller who demanded more money for work a day before the work was due following a 7 day deadline. He claimed to have worked on for 10 days, which is several days before I even gave him the work – just ridiculous and nasty. During the week leading up to this, he made me create 5 star reviews to bump him up on the search which I should never have agreed to do. I recognised there was a fair amount of work to do so I generously offered 50% more money, which I should also never have done. But this just made him even greedier and then asked for almost 400% more to “motivate him to do the work”. The work was due yesterday I never received the completed work, or anything resembling what was required of the Seller, and this has now left me in a very bad situation. Don’t rely on the app or their Sellers, I can’t speak for everyone but judging by the other reviews you can make your own decision. Grossly unprofessional and with no formal investigation, or response to questions or any real support from Fiverr about my complaint despite waiting for over 12 hours as outlined in their service agreement. I have also raised very concerning issues about this questionable Seller retaining my personal data which will ultimately lead this organisation into serious privacy infringements if they are not diligently respond to requests relating to safe management and erasure of personal data. I made a big mistake trusting this app. Still waiting for a refund from my cancelled orders, which Fiverr has placed on the app and requires me to further request the refund despite asking for this from the outset. Please get back to my “right to erasure” request and action my refund to my PalPay account by today as required in the terms.

18/01/2023 UPDATE: Fiverr messaged TrustPilot to verify who I am and I provided further details and made further requests for my money to be refunded back to my PayPal account for the full sum that I was debited for. They have place a reduced sum of my money that was debitted from my PayPal account, missing some money, back on the Fiverr account which of course is theft. This app is operating some kind of scheme to hold your finances for as long as possible. If you’re considering using Fiverr – run a mile! The app is operated by crooks, no one responds to your messages and I have just served them with a Letter of Claim which I recommend anyone having similar issues to do. Unfortunately, they threatened me to cancel the dispute I made with PayPal who have also tried to make this refund actionable. They advised me to notify Action Fraud which I’m doing. Imagine all this for a refund! They people have no morals, stay far away!!!

24/01/2023 UPDATE: Still no response from Fiverr and still no refund despite the orders being cancelled and some of the funds which are still illegally placed on their app. I highly recommend anyone considering using this app to avoid it at all costs.

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