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Fiverr  – I am absolutely disgusted from Fiverr

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I am absolutely disgusted from this platform. The seller doesn’t have any rights there. A client gave me 5-star rating, I gave him 1 star because he was greedy and wanted more and more work to be done. After he saw my honest review, he updated his review to 1 star with lies only. As a seller you cannot give a real rating because the buyer will update his review and ruin your rating. I hope you all die Fiverr.

Nickname in fiverr: rchanphakeo
The client is Robert Chanphakeo

Do not ever work with this guy, he will always want more even though everything is completed.
What a scam!

I wrote to support and this is their response:

Sona here and I hope you are well! I understand that the client changed their review from 5 stars to 1 star after you gave them 1 star.
I checked your order #FO6155393A782 with the buyer rchanphakeo, and as much as I understand your frustration with the changed feedback, the review does not include any violations of our guidelines.

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