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Fiverr  – I have asked for assistance several…

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I have asked for assistance several times after being let down by a so called Author by the name of faith lane author, she cancelled an order due to her lack of abilities. As it now transpires fiverrs business model allows people like faith to thrive on this platform. I have had no response in nearly two days from so called customer services even though it stipulates 12 hour response, so I’ve had to create a new response. Sona, Nev and Diago all gave up talking to me. I have been treated with no respect what so ever. I have asked several times for assistance on how to get my book finished but nothing. I have asked to speak to a manager, nothing. You don’t even have a contact number?

I have asked for the latest version of my book to be sent to me as I cannot find it. due to the many opened conversations I had with faith.

I don’t quite understand how Fiverr can get away with treating people like this?

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