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Fiverr  – I wish I could give zero stars

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I wish I could give zero stars. Anyways, I have 2 completed gigs on Fiverr. Their customer support team is useless. They change the support person every 4-5 days, and you have to explain everything from scratch to the new person as they do not have competent people. It’s been 5 weeks now, but they still haven’t been able to take a final decision on my refund. Twice they have said we are about to initiate the refund but as soon as I hope they’ll execute it, they change the support person, and it is back to square one. I was travelling and did not inform them in time that the gig was not completed as per the description. They are biased towards the sellers, especially their “favorites”, which is understandable from their point of view but there is no justice provided to the buyers.

My “fiverr favorite” seller did not complete the gig according to the gig description and when I contacted fiverr, they did not act and were not able to give any reason for their decision.

I would highly recommend fiverr to people who want to go through a stressful time and spend time with incompetent and non-decisive bunch of people.

This is after Bernda’s response here and what I got today (30-11-22) on fiverr Zendesk / helpdesk:
Now they (Zoran | Shift Manager | Customer Support | are saying your order has passed the 14 day period and action for cancellation cannot be take! This is absurd! They have been wasting time by copy-pasting the same response and not informing this when the 14-day period had passed on 14/Nov/22. Today is 30/Nov/22, past 30 days. If this was the case, then you should not have informed me (twice) that you are going to initiate the refund.

Brenda, you, and your colleagues have proved what I had written above. Will never recommend this website to anyone from now on. Your support is pathetic.

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