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Fiverr  – Inhumane treatment

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I used to be quite the avid Fiverr buyer, using it for really any services or products I need, but that ends now.

After I tried to become a seller, I researched and read every policy for hours while watching the educational videos genuinely trying to put in such a great effort. This was after for months, I tried to train to become better in my craft so that I could sell on Fiverr.

After months of trying to become better, watching educational videos, and the second I post my gig; I get permanently banned from selling for life.

Naturally, I thought it was an error because I quite literally sunk an insane amount of time into becoming better, going as far as learning how to service customers. I thought Fiverr would appreciate the effort I put in and welcome me to the site that I loved.

So I send a support ticket, I’m trying to be very nice about it and professional and I get told that I’m banned from ever selling on Fiverr.

I ask the reason why, and if this was a permanent decision and they never got back to me. I tried to even explain my situation thoroughly just hoping that I can be given at least an answer to why this decision was made against me.

2 days later, I open another ticket and I ask if someone please can get back to me about my issue. I get the exact same response as I did in the previous ticket, even if it was completely unrelated to my questions.

Now I feel like I put months of my time into nothing, I feel humiliated and this is hurting what I had planned to become part of my income. I thought Fiverr respected that I tried to do all my research and learn before creating my gig, but it seems like can be a coinflip for any user because they might not even want you on their platform in the first place.

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