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Fiverr  – Never ever use fiverr

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My account was disabled for no reason, I wrote to customer support but they don’t even try to help or check anything, just sending me one nonesense massage every time can’t even explain what’s wrong and why they think “images in my gig was taken from the Internet “. I f*ckin know that it can’t be anyone else’s work because I spent 25 hours of my life for each of pieces, I have psd files, I have process of work that no one else has and”can’t be found on internet ” because I am the author, but instead of saying me what proof they need they just deleted my account one more time!!!

I see some top “artists” that “draw anything you want quickly in any style”, I see that they just used AI generator, it’s obvious and they could check this, but scammers are still in top, still deceiving people and making money of this and fiverr don’t care, too busy deleting real artist’s accounts without any f*ckin reason! Oh yeah, maybe everything’s quite more simple, maybe that’s fiverr’s solidarity with Ukraine, deleting Ukrainians’ accounts to complicate their work even more and ruin their lives, you are f*ckin rashists.

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