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Fiverr  – Poor customer service

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I have used Fiverr on several occasions and never had an issue. Until my last order.

On this order, after the seller not answering to mu messages and him failing to deliver the digital product discussed before payment, I contacted customer support. It is the first time I am contacting Fiverr customer support I was shocked how poor is their service and helpless they are. I felt from the very first message they had no intention of helping me, the main customer.
First they made proof that I had contacted the owner (and also to try again), and that he failed delivering. Then to send proof that the digital product did not meet the criteria, which I showed it was evident because I could not use it.

In summary, Fiverr explains they cannot issue a cancellation, neither let me write a review as there has been over 14 days. Of course it has been as because sellers and even Fiverr’s delay answering me!
Iin the end they have offered a £50 voucher to spend towards a new seller to create the same digital product. For me it’s not enough as I spent $200 for the first order and now I’m looking to spend more money to start it all over.

I understand Fiverr will reply to this review to show that they care and give me reasonable options. As mentioned above, I’ve spent a long time (3 months) trying to clarify this issue with them and have been useless.

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