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Fiverr  – Questionable quality control, zero customer support

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First problem I had with my time on that site is the seeming lack of quality control. I understand they do not do things themselves, they merely operate as hosts, a go between for a client and a service. However at the same time, their business’ survival depends on maintaining a high flow of traffic between them so it is in their own best interest to do the best they can to have some means of ensuring a level of quality among its sellers, currently they have none.
1: there are sellers who are extortionate, again, I understand the seller negotiates their own fee not fiverr, but it was much more of an ordeal than I was expecting to find someone genuine who wasn’t trying to gouge me on price.
2: there are sellers who have various “awards” ( for lack of a better word) associated with their accounts, but these are not awarded for quality, purely time, if a seller closes a certain number of orders within a timely manner they are eligible to have an award on their account and be marked as a “level 2 seller”, however this system does not take quality into account at all, if 40/50 of the jobs completed are done poorly the seller can still be promoted to level 2. Sure the unhappy customers can leave reviews, but you can’t give much detail in said reviews because the character limit in the review box is tiny. So you have to read through tiny, cut short reviews to try and piece together the general thoughts, combined with whatever awards/level fiverr has granted that account and try to see if the reward is worth the risk, but it is still far more of a gamble than it should be, having a middle man between client and service should reinforce the quality of said service, not make it harder to get the job done right.

Secondly, the customer support is pathetic. I am not going to be using the service further so I wanted to delete my account, the number of issues with this are beyond a joke.
1: The FAQ on the website directs you towards options that do not exist in the app, but they do not specify that you need to log into a desktop browser in order to see all the options.
2: You need to manually deactivate your account and then contact them to request the account and data be deleted, which is convoluted, this should be a one step process, instead we have to deactivate, which is not instant, then wait for a confirmation email and then contact them via email, that’s just inefficient .
3: Evidently they do not communicate with each other at all. At the time of writing this review I have roughly 10 emails in my inbox from fiverr, from a handful of different employees. Some of them are confirming the deactivation and then by extension accepting my request to delete my associated data, others are telling me they cannot accept my request to delete data as my account is still “active”, which is made even less helpful by the fact that when I respond to this persons emails my name is displayed as “deleted user”, further implying my account has indeed been deleted, despite what some of fiverr staff members continue to tell me.

Trying to communicate with them and get anything done or even just getting a straight answer is very very poorly handled

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