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Fiverr  – Shameless exploitation of sellers

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I recently had an order where as a seller I performed all the work, but the client wanted endless changes, many outside the scope of the service, so I had to stop collaborating with this person (cutting losses is the best way when dealing with Karens as no matter how many changes you do they will never be happy).

And mind you I’m a “Fiverr Choice” seller and top ranked in my niche so not a newbie, 900+ orders completed successfully, and I never complain to Customer Support about anything since years and made them THOUSANDS of dollars in Fiverr Fees.

At this point they only had the watermarked work. The client eventually offered to pay for the work performed “as it is” which he had just reviewed and so I delivered it (following CS advice to cooperate to find a middle ground). The buyer stole the files and didn’t pay for them as he previously agreed.

Fiverr said they couldn’t force the buyer’s payment but that I could possibly seek compensation with them, but the order MUST not be active, and therefore it needs cancellation. Following these instructions I initiate the cancellation. CS had poor attention to detail and thought that the buyer initiated the cancellation, as they didn’t read the chat properly (no surprise). I correct them on this (in time). They said “sounds good”, and “after this we can proceed to seek compensation”.

After the cancellation was finalized they turned on me and blamed me for following their advice saying that because I initiated the cancellation I “played a part in it” and this would make me not eligible for compensation. I was shocked.

This became their main talking point across several CS agents. I pointed out that they omitted that this would have been an issue, and actually said quite the opposite confirming that these were the right steps, and showed them the screenshot that confirmed this.

At no point they would admit that one of the CS agent was at fault and caused damage, and just derail the conversation whenever possible. Ultimately they offered me a misery of 50$ as “appreciation”(flat-out insulting), on an order worth 200$ that I fully worked for, after they bashed me with their victim blaming attitude for weeks, and saying I should have kept working with a lying, dishonest and abusive client and it was my fault for not doing so (proven by the chat and by the fact that he stole the files and broke our agreement).

I said to them that this 50$ amount offered to me was VERY inappropriate considering what happened, but they had ZERO intention to do any better, and insisted that they will not do anything differently.

Since “transparency” apparently is one of their core values, here is some transparency for you: Disgusting incompetent behavior.

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