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Use Extreme Caution before you consider doing business with Fiverr ! This consumer has had a Negative Experience & that should Never be Disregarded. We encourage our readers to perform further research before making any type of commitment or buying decision.

Fiverr  – Terrible experience – would not recommend

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I recently had a very negative experience with Fiverr. I hired a seller from Pakistan his name “Shaharyar3asad” to redesign my website, and despite promising to deliver a professional redesign, they did not fulfill their promises and only made minor changes to my website. When I asked to cancel the project, the seller refused, which led to a difficult and stressful situation for me.

Even after Fiverr’s customer service team canceled the project, the seller continued to harass me and even attempted to hack my website and send me bugs. This was a very serious situation, and I was extremely disappointed that Fiverr’s customer service team did not take my concerns seriously and were rude to me.

Furthermore, the seller even claimed that the old version of my website was his, which was a complete lie. This added insult to injury and further demonstrated the unprofessionalism and deceitful behavior of this seller. To make matters worse, the seller even called me a scammer, which was a shock and completely untrue.

As a result of this terrible experience, I had to shut down my website offline for 2 days and now I have deleted everything and started a new website from scratch. I lost a week in stress and anger, and instead of having a beautiful website, I have had to close it.

“I would also recommend, as a free advice, that people and companies like us should be more protected by submitting screenshots of their website before starting a redesign project. This will help secure their honesty if the seller tries to cheat. Additionally, it’s important to release the payment only after the project is completed to satisfaction. Sellers should also submit a sample of how the website will look like before starting any project to avoid wasting time and money. “Moreover, I strongly believe that Fiverr should have a quality control center to ensure that sellers are delivering on their promises and providing high-quality work to their clients. This will help prevent situations like the one I experienced and ensure that users have a positive experience on the platform.

I recommend that people look for other options before using Fiverr. ”

I have deleted my Fiverr account and the app, and I will never use this platform again. I would not recommend Fiverr to anyone based on my experience. It’s important to exercise caution and thoroughly research any seller before hiring them on Fiverr, and to use the platform’s resolution center and customer service team if you encounter any issues or problems with a seller.

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