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Fiverr  – Terrible service

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Terrible service. I hired one person to design a logo. The logos were all awful and we kept going back and forth on rework and at one point in time, the Fiverr site said here is the final work.

What is worse is that Fiver gives you a very limited time to give feedback on a person. Why such limited time? Makes no sense. I would have given that person 1 star only but because of such shadiness, his reviews were still good.

The other good reviews that you see in Trustpilot are from other vendors on Fiverr. Don’t believe those.

PS – Fiverr got back to me based on this review. But they didn’t do anything to assuage my concerns. No deep dive into what the issue was, what they could have done and how they can change the process flow. Nothing. Instead, they gave me a 10% discount on my next order. Like I am going to throw more good money after bad money. 🙁

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