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Use Extreme Caution before you consider doing business with Fiverr ! This consumer has had a Negative Experience & that should Never be Disregarded. We encourage our readers to perform further research before making any type of commitment or buying decision.

Fiverr  – The company is dishonest in many…

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#FO81B2EEE4282 The company is dishonest in many business practices. They do not post negative reviews and then allow sellers to make false claims. My experience was in an order for a graphic design. There were many claims by the seller (Sony_GFX) about large companies who were their customers, like Amazon, AIRBnB, Shopify and they had 5 star reviews. Even their username suggests an association with the Sony corporation. What I received looked like it was thrown together with clipart and in my opinion was not the quality of the examples given. I was appalled and wrote an honest review. But the review isn’t on the sellers page. There is no way to communicate with them to try and get a refund even though I never downloaded the product they delivered. They give only 3 days to communicate the project to an end and that isn’t enough time in most all cases. In this case, the seller asked for changes to the design, but they didn’t deliver anything that I felt would ever be acceptable from the quality of what was originally delivered. It was a bad experience and I got nothing for the money.This is Fiverr in a nutshell. There is NO GUARANTEE of satisfaction. Sellers MISLEAD with false advertising. As long as they deliver something, there is no recourse to complain after 3 short days. Once that is complete, it’s FU.

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