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Use Extreme Caution before you consider doing business with Fiverr ! This consumer has had a Negative Experience & that should Never be Disregarded. We encourage our readers to perform further research before making any type of commitment or buying decision.

Fiverr  – The Minimum FIVERR Gig is Actually $15.08! Beware.

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I recently used fiverr for a super quick and easy $5 gig. Fiverr charges a fee on top of the gig, which makes the gig $7.54. Then, after completion of the gig, fiverr requests that you tip. I’m all for tipping, but fiverr only gives you the option to tip a minimum of $5, PLUS another 20% service fee. Essentially, if you want to tip at all, you have to tip 100% of the price of the original gig PLUS a service fee. It feels like extortion to those of us who are not okay with not tipping – so you wind up paying $10 plus fiverr’s fees for a tiny gig. The total was over $15 for about 5 minutes of work from the fiverr contractor that I chose.

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