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Fiverr  – Theres a scam

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Theres a scam. Hired guy for 8 day job, 8th day says he was busy and to give him 4 more days. On the 5th day a delivery was made that was not anything like the demonstrated work. He said i rushed him thats why. So after an additional extension of 30 days, that he was late to again, i decided to cancel my order as its been over 45days after the project should have been completed.

The support told me i needed to contact them a few more times and give them a few more days to delivery (they get a cut of the money). So they wouldnt cancel my order. It was finally delivered on the 29 of oct (original due date was sept 13th) and again, quality was nothing like what was shown.

I then left a review saying how much longer it took and that it was of far lower quality then advertised.

He replied in a review about me saying i rushed him, i didnt communicate, and that i was lying and didnt even give him the agreed upon time. What a joke.

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