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Fiverr  – Useless Support

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My account was disabled, and I STILL dont know why. I have used fiverr for over a year and mostly buy from people, but I was offering 1 gig. I get an email saying my account was permanently disabled – no need to contact support. It says terms of service violation, but no other information. I couldnt reply and you cant contact support without an account. I made another account JUST to contact support and ask for details. They basically said refer to the first email, still no information, and then banned THAT account.

I love many of the sellers on fiverr – some excellent people. But there are also many that have fake reviews that are all obviously written by the same person with really poor grammar.

I never received the last order i paid for, and have no way to contact them, geta refund or anything.


Edit: Same as others – they respond saying they will reach out and review, but there is no communication at all. They havent reached out via fiverr or email.

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