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Use Extreme Caution before you consider doing business with Fiverr ! This consumer has had a Negative Experience & that should Never be Disregarded. We encourage our readers to perform further research before making any type of commitment or buying decision.

Fiverr  – What an absolutely horrid experience!

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What an absolutely horrid experience!

Firstly, they’ll make you put in hours of hard work when posting a gig and only after you’ve done so do they inform you that you’re not approved!
Secondly, they don’t provide any reason as to why, which would be helpful in order to actually get approved.
Thirdly, your data will not be deleted from their database when you decide to “deactivate” your account, this can be noted by attempting to register again with the same email and username.
Lastly, there is no course of recall for unfairly posted reviews – Fiverr refuses to remove them and simply states, “the review doesn’t go against our community guidelines”

If you aim to retain your sanity along with your reputation then this service should be avoided at all costs!

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