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FreeMC  – Worst host to exist in Minecraft

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Worst host to exist in Minecraft
These staff have no experience of mentaining a host, the aky guy continually says I am a ****** and then leaves to support. The L1 & L2 Staff are like afk and don’t even give a **** to you. A year earlier that aky guy was a bit friendlier and their was Ship who would support me a lot. Now staff doesn’t respond. NickE doesn’t give a **** if your priority with patreon support.
They are gonna delete my review anyways and suspend me if I am telling server ID.
Most of the previous staff like ship#2156 didn’t answer like get out your paying for free nowadays the community support is very racist & says just go out.
If I stopped paying 1 month, is this what I get.
I am gonna abandon this server host soon.
I hope this helps everyone.

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