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Buyer Beware! I am not one to leave negative reviews online, but I was so outraged by the lack of service that I hope you will reconsider before ordering from this company. I ordered a balloon bouquet to be delivered to my niece at the hospital. I initially was pleased when I received an email the following day (even though it was to be delivered the day I ordered) stating the balloons were delivered. I was surprised I had not heard from my niece regarding her receipt of the balloons. I checked with my niece, and she said she never received them. After asking hospital personnel if they knew anything about the order, the receptionist at the front desk of the hospital informed us that someone had come by to deliver a few bouquets of balloons, but the person delivering them was so distraught that they were all tangled due to the wind, that she decided to leave the hospital with the balloons and never return. What? Who leaves with the balloons and then sends an email saying they were delivered? It just blew my mind. Talking with customer service at this company was also a joke. They didn’t accept responsibility for this. They tried to blame it on the delivery person. After several heated phone calls and a trip to our local Party City, I picked up the balloons myself and delivered them myself. Please do not order from Hospital Gift Shop unless you want to receive the run around like I did.

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