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I tried to be understanding of new protocols with COVID but this had nothing to do with what happened… I placed an order for a balloon bouquet bunch for a critically ill family member. I wanted to perk them up on a very hard day. I ordered from the gift shop in the hospital patient was in – fell over at the $14.95 delivery fee (IN THE SAME BUILDING!!!) – but decided it was ok because my family member would get ASAP. Well I was sadly mistaken. I called the gift shop the next day to find out where the delivery was – he proceeded to tell me they hadn’t done deliveries in over a year due to Covid etc. I argued that they shouldn’t take money for services they cannot render – then he asked if I ordered on – yes I said. I would need to contact them then…I decided to wait, as I was at work, to give them till evening to deliver. Next day…same answer no delivery. Upon calling representative of the website I was told “Oh it was delivered 20 mins ago, too soon to be updated in the system.” I believed her. Again that was a mistake. Still no order. My family member was in ICU and as I am halfway across the country and couldn’t be there – I needed them to have something from us. It took 3 1/2 days for a very sad, semi deflated, smaller than picture showed – order to get to my family member. Why??? I called other shops in area. I spent a lot of time finding somewhere I could order from…and this was the result. Shame on you for making a hard time even harder. It’s not even about the money. It’s not giving people what they pay for in a timely manner.

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