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Don’t use this. They told me my flowers were delivered, they were not.
I ordered flowers for my mom at around 3pm. Website said, same day may not be possible due to covid. Fine, I’ll take the risk. 15 minutes after I ordered, I got an email saying, your order was delivered. Great! I was very happy. Next day when my brother was there, more than 24 hours later, I said, are there flowers there. Nope. We hunted around for them, tried the nurses station. No flowers. So I called. They said, there is a 1pm cutoff for same day delivery. OK, so if there is a hard 1pm cutoff, why isn’t that on the website, why is that a secret (they must be just trying to make money, I guess)? And why did I get a delivery notice so fast? And why, more than 24 hours later, are there still no flowers? The delivery notice was because I had bought a “hero gift package” for hospital staff, in addition to the flowers. That got delivered instantly. No cutoff on that, apparently. But no explanation on why or when flowers might be delivered. I cancelled the order and never got flowers. Be advised, this service will take more than 24 hours to deliver if you order.

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