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Imbuygold  – Horrible service / customer service

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I had purchase 70,000 Gold on World of Warcraft Kil`Jaeden US.

The website had indicated that the stock was there. So I purchased and waited a few hours. Nothing — I decided to contact their “24/7” support. Support was NOT available. I contacted support again in the morning and was told :
“[23:39:31] Catherine: so sorry for your inconvenience, but we are out of stock now. and I suggest u come here and ask us again when u are available in 8~10 hours.”

So being unhappy with it I decided hey I’ll wait 8-10 hours. I contacted yet again in the morning and was told the EXACT SAME THING. At this point I absolutely demanded a refund because of this unprofessional fraudulent behavior. You tell a customer on your site that the stock is there when they purchase, however, after finally receiving support you find out they sold something they didn’t even have — Definition of fraud.

This website is terrible and I urge you to go to someone else and not these goofs. Disgusting to advertise these things across your website and not even honor it. I’m in the middle of charging back my money as they won’t refund.

At least you got a real review instead of all these fake @$$ reviews below.

Nice service. I hope your company burns to ashes.

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