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Raiditem  – after multiple orders here’s my review RS3 based

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So I have ordered from this website multiple times, every time I have ordered there has been issues, it’s one of the slowest websites I’ve ever used, it takes them hours to actually get you your item even after you’ve messaged them about stock levels and they confirm that they can ‘deliver asap’ to be messaged back when asked about it ‘checking pls’ or ‘sec pls’ to be disconnected from their chat. They are inefficient, they do not use Runescape properly, they only go by how the grand exchange works with buy limits and do not buy from other players and then expect you to wait days for them to get your items.

When you first order from them, they will ask for pictures of your gov ID, the transaction screenshot and your bank card for ‘authorisation’ which is shifty as hell, I’m sure there are other ways to authorise or verify customers without taking so many details from them.

You get what you pay for, service is kinda trash to be honest.

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