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Raiditem  – expected 15 min delivery 5 days later still dont have what i paid for…

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bought 100k gold for WoW and was told they deliver within 15 mins. after a day i got half, emailed to complain and was told we are sending it now which took another day to receive on 29k of the 50k owed, complained again asking for a specific eta, if they were going to add additional compensation for the bad experience which all they offered was to exchange my 21k gold for a choice of mounts and pets (only one) which equaled only 5k in value. said no please just give me the gold or a refund to which they said yes we will get you the gold. its been 5 days and i still have yet to receive the gold or a refund. worst experience and no empathy. would not recommend this site to anyone.

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