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Raiditem  – If I could give them a zero I would

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If I could give them a zero I would. How on earth do you offer a service for selling in game currency and then have the audacity to make people wait hours for delivery for something that should be instant. If you don’t have enough staff for a quick, efficient service then maybe you shouldn’t be in this business. In contrast, another popular currency website I went to for the same purchase, made the delivery in 10 minutes, I’ve been waiting on these guys for over 3 hours now and not even a peep, they haven’t even replied to my emails.

EDIT: Finally after 10 hours I get a reply, and then I have to jump through hurdles just to get what I paid for 10 hours ago. This company went from bad to worst. NEVER will I deal with the incompetence of this company. Steer clear, there are several companies who offer the same service and its much easier to actually get what you’re paying for without having to give up your soul in the process.

Worst experience I’ve ever had with a company

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