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Raiditem  – Purchased gold almost 2 hours ago

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Order # RIG849786

Purchased gold almost 2 hours ago. No confirmation email, live chat is non-existent, contact info says offline and will be back at 7pm EST and its well past that. I was able to track the status using the order number, now its says “order number is error”, whatever that means. Starting to think the reviews are fabricated by the company.

Update: Finally got a response 3 hours after they claimed to be opened. Then I had to make blue items and put on the AH for 48 hours. Woke up the next morning, still nothing. Which means they never had the gold to begin with and are out farming it themselves. I could have done this and saved the money. When you advertise a product, that is suppose to mean you have it to sell. People are raving about the low prices on this site. However, if it takes days to get the product, I’ll spend the extra 50 cent or dollar and go with another company that guarantees 30 minute delivery.

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