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Use Extreme Caution before you consider doing business with Raiditem ! This consumer has had a Negative Experience & that should Never be Disregarded. We encourage our readers to perform further research before making any type of commitment or buying decision.

Raiditem  – Review of a selection of purchases

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TLDR: Avoid if you can. If you MUST buy something off them, then protect yourself and stay sharp because if you don’t, and leave yourself open, they will rip into you deep.

My experience purchasing a selection if items from them.

5/5 experience when gold was bought.
5/5 for customer service as long as you’re a big spender.

1/5 for integrity. Always assume that they are trying to get the most money out of you. If you are trying to buy over email, facebook and other similar non-live mechanisms, ALWAYS check the website. I have received quotes of $40 for crafted items when buying off the website is only $6. The most amusing case was a quote on an ilvl 900 ring that was on sale for ~$250. I received a quote over email for $500 with a “30%” discount for a “final” price of $350…. Another one that made me laugh was the purchase of an ilvl 875 amulet, haste only, listed price of $120. They came back within 10 mins of payment with “sorry no stock” and offered a crafted amulet instead same stats, with a list price of $7. Remember stay sharp or you’ll get ripped into like the above.

0/5 for buyer rights. As they’re selling you illegitimate services and products, you have absolutely zero rights when they carry out practices that would’ve been outright illegal in some countries. Case in point, i purchased 90 Obliterum from their WEBSITE for $15 right before 7.2.5 came out, all paid for and settled. As you know, Obliterum prices spiked when 7.2.5 came out, and I get an email “So sorry to tell you as price is changed, according to your payment we can send you 50 Obliterum. If you want 90 need you to pay extra $20.”. Yes you’re reading that right, they more than doubled the price AFTER payment was made. Compensation? They’ll give me the “Best price” on items that i buy later………….

Lastly if you love conspiracies or believe in coincidences, do what I did and buy an ilvl 880 ring with a list price of $150 using a 30% discount coupon ($105 net) and find out that “there is no stock”. Wait for 2 weeks and still no delivery, so you’ll be offered “one in stock” that’s ilvl 875. You’ll get a “partial rebate” in store credit, which is barely acceptable. Until you email back 2 days later with a different email address and find out there is stock after all!

0/5 money back guarantee: Their 100% no questions asked money back guarantee doesn’t exist. From experience. The best you’ll get is store credit.

Take care folks, stay sharp or be butt hurt.

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