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Raiditem  – Terrible experience

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Terrible experience, site says between 5 mins and 24 hours. Coming up on the 24 hours I messaged and was told not to worry about it they were working on it. After 48 they asked for more time. and they just kept saying they were working on it I would get gold in a very short time after 4 days of very poor service were I had to chase them to find out there was problems.I agreed to give them one more chance to deliver if not I wanted refund. They came back after the 24 hours looking for another 48 hours. Had to threaten to involve paypal to get my refund. avoid this site like the plague. the most annoying part was the lack of communication just kept being told not to worry give us more time.Edit. … In reply to Raiditems reference to the new patch being the reason for the delay. What made this a terrible experience and the reason for the review was the constant false promises for delivery and the lack of communication over the problem. I had to chase my order up and was waiting hours for replies to your “live chat ” in the 5 days i was waiting for the order I placed i got 9 emails offereing other products for sale with discount codes from your company. Prehaps secure the loyality of a customer before spamming their inbox with offers.

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