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Use Extreme Caution before you consider doing business with Raiditem ! This consumer has had a Negative Experience & that should Never be Disregarded. We encourage our readers to perform further research before making any type of commitment or buying decision.

Raiditem  – Very dishonest

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Very dishonest, I purchased some items from them, and never received them at all. First, they missed the deadline they promised of 1-hour delivery. Next, I received an email saying my order was complete, I contacted them explaining my order was never received, upon investigation, I released I had misspelled my toons name. However there was no such toon with that name on the server, I checked the wow databases and no such person, still, they refused to send my items claiming they had been sent. It is a shame they offered no customer service or reasonable resolution. The items were never sent and they were trying to capitalize on a mistake and scam someone.

If the items had been sent to someone in the game I would have understood, but seeing there was no such character this was simply a scam on their part also please keep in mind that they give a discount for positive reviews which is why they probably have so many high ratings.

First, there is no character with the name you claim to have sent it too, so how was there a loss, blizzard doesn’t allow mail to non exist characters, there was no loss just your une=thical behavior and scam job

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