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Raiditem  – Worst experience I’ve ever had

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WORST EXPERIENCE I’ve ever had with a company to buy from. I had all of my gold taken from me along with the gold I already had. Raid item left me hanging bouncing me around left and right to people bidding there time attempting to talk around thing. While having a special selling gold, some how they had absolutely no gold to give me. They tried saying they charge for refunds even though they have a 100% guarantee to give it back or give a full refund. There solution then was to offer me a $8 item to replace my $50 worth of gold. After pointing out there guarantee they gave in and tried to give me gold, but couldn’t and wanted me to borrow gold from a friend.

(After RaidItems reply to this post)

After contacted about my review RaidItem tried to bribe me by asking what items i might want to take my review down.
unfortunately after all that time for a compromise. There idea was to ask me to buy those items from them with a small discount. AFTER explaining that i wasnt spending any money over and over.

Nothing but IDIOTS and wanna be SCAMMERS

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