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saleusa  – VERY bad experience: iTunes codes from 4saleusa caused Apple to disable my account

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Bought 5 x 10$ gift certificates 23/4 2012 (one of them didn’t work, but was replaced quickly by seller). Around one month later my iTunes account was disabled by Apple:
“The account was disabled because the card holder whose card purchased the iTunes Gift Certificates redeemed to your account has refuted the charges with his or her credit card company. The buyer will need to contact the credit card company to discuss the disputed purchase.
Please note that because your account was disabled, you will lose the ability to update applications purchased with this account. The money has been removed from your account.”

I know for a fact, that these particular codes caused the issue, as it was the first time I used gift certificates. I confronted, but they just accused me of lying:
“this is only what you say, you need to provide a proof of your blaming, we need to see email from apple where they clearly indicate what particular code caused the problem then we can investigate that.”

I asked Apple to provide this information, but received this answer:
“the iTunes Store does not provide any account information—including account activity and personal information—without a subpoena”

I felt it was too much hassle to go through for 50$ and left it there.

Don’t buy anything from if you value the content of your iTunes-library, one of their codes had my account disabled.

After having validated this review twice with trustpilot, I received an email from 4saleusa on 28 February. Once again they accused me of lying, but this time they also threatened me with going to my ‘local state prosecutor’ unless I removed the review. I did not reply.

On 6 March, I was contacted by them directly through trustpilot, they still accuse me of producing a fake review, but this time without the threat of prosecution 😉

In both the email and the trustpilot-message 4saleusa want proof from Apple, but as stated above, this is not possible without a subpoena.

My conclusion remains the same: don’t buy anything from!

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