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***DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY*** Went on the Wal-Mart website looking for toys related to the Pacific Rim movies (my son loves the movie) and after placing the order and receiving a confirmation code (approx. 11am) I received an email later on stating it didnt go thru due to their error so when I went to reorder a few hours later the shipping miraculously went from $14.99 to $59.99!!! I ended up having my mother place the order thinking that I would talk to cust serv the next day and probably get a break on the shipping…..WRONG!!! Not realizing this was going through a third party vender ~Toywiz~ I decided to appeal to them, it was after all the Christmas season and I was naively thinking they would help me out…..WRONG!!!! The rep was rude and when I told him we want the order pulled (he was located in the warehouse with the merchandise ((by this point it had only been about 16 hours since placing the order)) he replied that they just shipped it out 15 minutes prior…..YEAH RIGHT!!!! So while speaking with the rep I was told that the toy I purchased is fragile and if we opened the package the actual toy was in and it was broken then it could NOT be returned! So I went on to ask about returning the item since I was being told it was fragile and they were unwilling to help with the cost. I was told there is a restocking fee even though the toy was never opened (btw this toy all together with shipping was $280), the rep asked his supervisor and we were told they would waive the fee. When the package arrived on Dec 21st we rejected it and it was immediately sent back to the warehouse which checked it in on Dec 22nd. We waited and waited and waited for the refund and eventually decided to dispute the charges and a credit was just issued today January 21st only the amount credited was $180! I paid $60 for shipping so where is my $40???? Its crazy because if someone were to rob a store they would be charged with a crime yet a company keeps my money and its ok??? This company is horrible and had I known it was a third party vender with terrible reviews I would have NEVER attempted to purchase anything from them!!! You live and you learn I guess but I will be posting negative reviews everywhere I can so people know what kind of company this is!

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