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I am an oversea customer. I buy from all over the world on line almost on a daily basis. It’s a piece of cake. Until TOY WIZ what a drama to buy 1 pixar car. First they send an email saying to call them to verify. I can’t get through so I email them twice and they just re-send the email asking to call them.
I know it’s not but it really feels like a scam. They won’t reply to your email to let you know what the problem is. When you finally get through after being on hold from Australia they want your CVV number even though payment has been accepted through a secure payment gateway. I give them my home address because they say there’s a problem with my Amex billing address where all of my online purchases are delivered. I give them my home address. But they insist on my CVV number. I won’t give it to them in case its a scam.

The worst waste of time online I’ve ever experienced.

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