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I bought a walking dead figurine and when it arrived it was not the one my son wanted (i thought it was with one with the small gun, but it was a knife) He took it out and put the knife in his hand to give it a shot, but he really wanted the gun instead. (by the way, this is a 17 year old, not a child) No big deal right? Reboxed it completely. Good as new. NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH IT. so I contacted them about returning it. They gave me the instructions and I boxed it back in the same box it came in and shipped it out the next day. 3 weeks later I get the package back on my doorstep “RETURN TO SENDER”. ? what? did i put the wrong address? no… so I open the box to see if they had opened it. yes, they did. they even put a copy of their return policy in there and highlighted the part that says “factory seal can’t be broken”. factory seal? really? it was a piece of clear tape. I could have taped it back myself but didn’t realize that would cost me the whole return. It is still in brand new resaleable condition. $30 figurine +tax, and $11.40 shipping wasted. This is just stupid. At least since it is in mint condition, i can put a piece of tape back on the box and resale it to someone locally because there is nothing wrong with it.

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