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This place is a total rip off!They do not care about customer service!They then knowingly sell collectibles then pass off an extortion charge to make sure your products get there as they should normally When you make a purchase anywhere else collectible or not is it not then the seller that needs to ensure it gets there reasonably safe? Not this place they want to charge you $9 for a few sheets of bubble wrap that cost $12 for an entire roll1Then when you make a clear point the customer service tries to switch your words around to start trouble!This place is no good !Stay away1Also if you think I’m not telling the truth here.I’m a collector with over $60 k in collectibles and i know what I’m talking about!Many items here are priced $70 over what everyone else charges.Just do your own research!Then after my orders came damaged,I returned and they complain and try to offer a %10 discount which means nothing on a collectible .So I get my money back and go to Ebay to Buy it there and ask seller if its damaged in any way and she says ” Well ,It came from Toy Wiz” I said say no more I totally understand you!

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