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I pre-order items that did not have an exact release date. The date was pushed back twice due to late manufacturing and distribution.
Toy Wiz, when the item were finally available increased the prices, some by 100%, and never sent me my pre-order. I contacted them a multiple occasions and they first said, it’s delayed. Then said they were missing 1 out of 5 of the items, then sold out. I never got my order.
Was refunded, but that’s not an acceptable response for collectables. Stop doing such a bad job.

Edit post response:

The other reason this review is so bad is because you did have the products in stock. You were selling them at a higher price after I pre-ordered. You chose to not send me my order. The items were being sold by you for weeks before I finally cancelled. Why buy Funko products from you when I can just buy it CHEAPER from FUNKO.
BTW good job responding to this 6 months later.

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