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Use Extreme Caution before you consider doing business with ! This consumer has had a Negative Experience & that should Never be Disregarded. We encourage our readers to perform further research before making any type of commitment or buying decision.  – Preorder promised to ship in September

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Ordered a toy in August that promised to ship in September.
This product has STILL not shipped.
The company has taken the payment for the toy, and has not followed up on it’s end of the deal, ie; shipped the merchandise.
Now when I go to the website to see the toy, it says it’ll ship in October.
I don’t believe them. I’ve also emailed them and they keep pushing back the ship-by date.

Edit: toywiz contacted me after I posted this review, and tried to tell me that they contacted me on October 1 about the manufacturer discontinuing the toy I ordered… Which I find interesting because I got no email from them AND they are still advertising this apparently discontinued toy on their website!! And this toy is a “pre-order” that they throw in as being a “guarantee”.
Multiple emails back and forth to them and they insist they sent me an email on October 1 telling me the toy has been discontinued. I’ve checked my spam folder, I’ve checked my regular email, nothing… They’ve taken a “screen shot” to prove they sent it, but it doesn’t prove anything. I sent them an email asking about it, which should indicate to them that the email they THINK they sent, didn’t get through. Instead of apologizing or acting like a mature business person, they just want to argue that they sent an email. They haven’t apologized for the lack of truth to their “guarantee”, which sounds like it happens A LOT with pre-orders.

The email chain of events they responded with below fails to include an important email I had sent to them in SEPTEMBER. I had emailed them in September asking about the item and detailing to them WHY this particular toy was important to me and my little girl. It’s not about the unbusinesslike attitude they took with me (the timeline of emails they detail below, does not actually reflect what THEY said inn their emails. They were rude, and argumentative and did not address things on their actual website until I pointed out the discrepancy.) They didn’t want to try and rectify or work with a customer, they wanted to justify and argue.
Yes, I swore at them, after several emails that seemed to fall on deaf ears.
Despite what they claim in their
response below, NOT once did they suggest an alternate toy, not once did they offer an alternate toy. They never once said “I’m sorry” until they refused to communicate with me anymore. They could’ve easily said “we’re sorry that toy is discontinued” instead of “I’m forwarding an email I sent to you…” They could’ve easily said “we apologize but we no longer have that specific toy, but here’s a similar one that is slightly more.” They claim they offered an alternate toy, but they never did. *I* suggested to them that perhaps a good business would do that, and they argued with me about how they couldn’t do that.

“We are people too…” So are your customers and we are the ones who make it possible for you to have a business. Remember that email I sent to you in September, that you conveniently left out of your chain of events below? It detailed WHY this toy was important… Because a little girl is important to ME.

Don’t believe their pre-order guarantee, and don’t think for a moment that they care about the customer. Because they don’t want to rectify a situation, they want to justify their own lack of follow-through on any “guarantee” their website had.

I checked their website on October 6 to see if the toy was still there being sold. It was, even though they said it was discontinued. They changed nothing on their website until I questioned them about it. They offered no alternate toy, their just trying to appear like they did, to “justify” treating ME less than human. It started with the rude email they sent to me in response to the October 4 email.

It’s amazing how they can appear “business like and understanding” on a public forum, but not in the privacy of emails and even a phone call where they argued with me about how they CANNOT suggest another toy because that’s not how they do things.. yet HERE they claim they did offer another toy? No, you did not. I suggested maybe you SHOULD, and you argued with me about how you can’t do that. I even suggested “you can’t even suggest a toy that is similar albeit slightly more expensive?”
“No. We don’t do that.”

I’m not an idiot. I’m college educated, worked in the court system for 15 years, and now I stay home with my kids. And my LITTLE GIRL is important too. That’s why I sent you that email in SEPTEMBER which you conveniently left off your list.

While you are saying you are humans too, remember that so are your customers. Perhaps try to work with them and listen to them instead of trying to justify your own lack of appropriate interaction with them. I swore at you, I own that. How about YOU start to own your own rudeness?

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