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So I have purchased from ToyWiz numerous times, and I am guilty for not checking their reviews. But after reading the reviews, I can agree with the majority of them. My first issue started when they cancelled my Marvel Legends Hela figure order. I had ordered two figures including two other figures. I received an email that they cancelled the order because my shipping and billing information did not match. I have a house and I have an apartment. My name is on everything, and I paying with my debit/checking account. Simply, I just knew that someone would be able to sign for the order. Well, they cancelled it stating that it wasn’t their protocol. Okay, so I call customer service and tell them I will use my Amazon Payment for it. I was instructed to repurchase the items. The problem was that the Hela figure was $12.00 more than my original order. They would not honor the price. Strike One! The next issue was a pre-order I purchased on February 11, 2018. The item was supposed to be in the beginning of March. On April 11th, I contact customer service through email and the email was just a matter of fact kind of thing. Nothing serious and very friendly. I get an email back from Lexii, answering with their script, then her condescending one line statement. The kicker is I get an email that same day, your order has been shipped. Seriously, in a hour time frame the back order stock was delivered from the warehouse????? Strike Two! Finally, when the huge double order arrives the box is not packed right at all. There isn’t enough filler to cover any of the items. So I send photos and a request for an exchange. Not once in my order history have I ever received an exchange. They want to refund your money. But they will never pay for shipping, nor will they ever reimburse you for shipping even though the box was packed incorrectly. Strike Three! I will not order from ToyWiz anymore. There cutosmer service is ridiculous. I was also told that if I was to inform them I was a collector they may have sent someone to the warehouse to pick the items by hand – condescendingly again.

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