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I looked to make a purchase through Toywiz in Nov of 2018 on an item that was supposed to be in stock for my sons birthday (it was estimated for Jan 2019). I placed a pre-order, and after his bday came and went, I completely forgot about the order as my card wasn’t supposed to be charged until the product was in stock, but nearly a year later, I got a UPS shipping alert that my purchase was on its way.

I am shocked that Toywiz never checked in with me to make certain that I still wanted the item (and especially when in fact i don’t), or that my shipping address remained the same, but rather they charged over $100 on my Credit Card and shipped the product without any concern or care.

The gap in time is close to a year from my initial pre-order to when UPS (and not even Toywiz) notified me of the transaction.

I called their customer service team and I remain less than optimistic they will make it right.

How can there not be an expiration of pre-authorization?!

I also used a US shipping address (which I would have been visiting at the time) but I live 2 hours from the destination address so I won’t even be able to meet their criteria for returns unless I plan a road trip to retrieve it.

How is it possible you sent me an automated cart reminder that I hadn’t completed my purchase last year, but you conveniently don’t have an equivalent system to alert customers that stock is is now available, nor a workflow to ensure that pre-orders submitted after such a substantial period of time are still appropriate and should be processed?

Buyer beware!!

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